Model of Care


El Paso Health network providers who serve Medicare Advantage D-SNP members are required to complete an annual Model of Care training.

Overview Model of Care (MOC) Training

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires Special Need Plans (SNP) to provide initial and annual Model of Care (MOC) training to all contracted network and out-of-network medical Providers delivering care to SNP members routinely. This training includes the plan for delivering coordinated care and care management to special needs Members.

SNPs are responsible for conducting their own MOC trainings and you may be asked to complete multiple trainings by different health plans. CMS requires SNPs to provide verification of Provider MOC training.

The MOC provides the foundation under which the SNP will meet the needs of each of its members. This training is a key quality improvement tool to ensure the specific needs of each SNP member is identified and addressed to improve quality outcomes. The training will provide how the Provider and SNP will support CMS requirements for managing care for members with specials needs.

MOC Training Materials

Click on the links below to review the Model of Care training and attestation. Please ensure to submit the signed attestation form to verify the training was completed.

2021 Model of Care Presentation
2021 Model of Care Attestation

Attestation for group: Individual Provider training requires an attestation. For a group attestation the form should be completed by the authorized individual on behalf of the group and must include an attendance log.

For questions, please contact our Provider Relations Department for assistance via email or call us at call 1-833-742-3125.

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